Solar Orbiter science nuggets (May releases)

Annonce transmise par Miho Janvier (ESA)


It is our pleasure to share new Solar Orbiter science nuggets (May releases):


- SO Nugget #28 "Hard X-ray and microwave pulsations: a signature of the flare energy release process" (H. Collier, L. A. Hayes, S. Yu, et al.)

- SO Nugget #29 "Real time space weather prediction with Solar Orbiter" (R. Laker, T.S. Horbury, H. O'Brien, et al.)

- SO Nugget #30 "SoloHI's viewpoint advantage: Tracking the first major geo-effective coronal mass ejection of the current solar cycle" (E Paouris, A. Vourlidas, P. Hess, et al.)


As a reminder, new nuggets will be added on a regular basis, based on input from the entire solar physics community. If you are working on Solar Orbiter data and would like your results to be featured, please contact Miho Janvier ( and Yannis Zouganelis (


— The ESA Solar Orbiter team