Symposium S15 High-Resolution Solar Observations in the Time, Space, and Spectral Domains, 4-5 July 2024

Annonce transmise par Nadège Meunier (IPAG)


Dear colleagues  *** apologies for multiple posting!!! ***  We are pleased to announce the Symposium S15 "High-Resolution Solar Observations in the Time, Space, and Spectral Domains" as part of the European Astronomical Society (EAS) annual meeting taking place during 1-5 July 2024 in Padua (Italy):

Our Symposium, scheduled for 4-5 July, is devoted to discussing the significance of high-resolution observations in uncovering the complexity of the solar magnetic fields, and how they contribute to our understanding of the intricate link between the Sun and other stars.

The Symposium will be divided into six sessions, covering the following main topics:

    Advancements in Solar Observation Technology

    Understanding Solar Dynamics

    Solar-Stellar Connection

    Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Invited speakers

    Jaime de la Cruz Rodríguez

    Maarit J. Korpi-Lagg


We hereby invite your contributions to this meeting.

The registration and abstract submission are available on the EAS2024 website, with the abstract deadline on March 4th.

To submit an abstract for an oral contribution or a e-poster:

We would be grateful if you could circulate this announcement among your colleagues and those whom you believe would be interested in the Symposium.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Padua in July!!!

Best wishes, The SOC of Symposium 15

Salvo L. Guglielmino (INAF-OACT, Italy, chair)  Ilaria Ermolli (INAF-OAR, Italy, co-chair)  Luis Bellot Rubio (IAA-CSIC, Spain, co-chair)  Rolf Schlichenmaier (KIS, Germany)  Nadège Meunier (Univ. Grenoble Alpes, France)  Kostas Tziotziou (NOA, Greece)  Lucia Kleint (Univ. Bern, Switzerland)  Luc Rouppe van der Voort (Univ. Oslo-ROCS, Norway)