Heliophysics in Europe Workshop: 30/10 - 03/11/2023 at ESA/ESTEC

Annonce transmise par Lina Hadid (LPP)


Abstract and Registration deadlines: September 15, 2023




Heliophysics (including space weather) encompasses space plasma physics throughout the solar system, from Sun to the solar wind, planets (including the Earth) and small bodies.


The goal of the meeting is to improve communication between the European Heliophysics community and the various ESA directorates involved. It will highlight opportunities existing in those directorates, but also look to identify synergies spanning directorates and possible future coordination efforts.


Areas of mutual interest already identified include archiving, data formats and discoverability, as well as improved connection to the modelling and ground-based community. The focus will not be on specific missions, or regions or bodies in the solar system, but in terms of Heliophysics phenomena and processes that cut across ESA. This will allow better connection of all parts of the Heliophysics community (as described above) to all relevant parts of ESA and vice versa.


Session 1: ESA Heliophysics activities
Session 2: Building Bridges in Heliophysics: open questions, missing observations, measurements, models, and investigative techniques
Session 3: Building a European Heliophysics network and community hub
Session 4: Workshop Reporting, Summary, SWOT discussion and next steps