URSI/NSRM Meeting Session "Heliospheric Observations of Waves in Plasmas" -- Boulder CO, January 2024

Annonce transmise par Carine Briand (LESIA)


Dear Colleagues,


We would like to draw your attention to the URSI National Radio Science Meeting (NSRM) held in Boulder CO over January 9-13, 2024. In particular we invite you to contribute to the Commission H session "Heliospheric observations of waves in plasmas".


This session aims to explore the generation, propagation, and impact of plasma waves at locations throughout the heliosphere (e.g. in the solar wind, in Earth's magnetosphere, in planetary magnetospheres such as Mars, Venus, and Jupiter), making use of observations, theory, and/or simulations.  Plasma waves in the inner heliosphere (e.g. Solar Probe, Solar Orbiter) are of particular interest given the wealth of new observations in this region.


The submission portal is now open, with an abstract deadline of September 13th, 2023. Please see the meeting website for abstract submission instructions: https://www.nrsmboulder.org


Hope to see you in Boulder,
Hassan Akbari, David Malaspina (session conveners)




There are additional sessions organized by URSI commission H which might also be of interest:


"Physics of the radiation belts: coupling of different plasma populations by means of plasma waves" Maria Usanova, Oleksiy Agapitov, and Lunjin Chen
"Active experiments in laboratory and space plasmas," Bill Amatucci and Erik Tejero
"Meteors, orbital debris and dusty plasmas" (Joint G and H Session), Alex Fletcher and Sigrid Elschot
"Remote Sensing Using GNSS-R and SoOp Systems" (Joint F, G, and H Session), Clara Chew and Yang Wang
"Machine learning techniques for near Earth space science" (Joint H and G Session), Vijay Harid and Xiangning Chu
"Ionospheric modification," Mark Golkowski and Eliana Nossa