CFRCOS4: Workshop of the French cosmic ray community 4, Montpellier July 3-5 2023, Montpellier University

Annonce transmise par Alexandre Marcowith (LUPM)


The workshop number 4 of the French community involved in Cosmic Ray research (CFRCOS 4) is now opened to registration. The workshop will be held from July 3 to July 5 2023 in Montpellier, at the new building of Montpellier University.

The workshop is dedicated to cosmic ray research. It includes three main sessions : cosmic-ray sources, cosmic-ray transport and cosmic-ray interaction and feed-back.

You can register from now here: for this you need to have / create a science account (this takes a few minutes).

Abstract submission will be accessible by end of January.

For any further query please contact