Fellowships at Queen Mary University of London

Annonce transmise par Thierry Dudok de Wit (LPC2E)


Queen Mary University of London is currently inviting applications for fellowship candidates. These apply to mid-level postdocs who are at the transition to a permanent position.


"We are soliciting applicants to be put forward as our STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship (ERF) and Royal Society University Research Fellows (URF) candidates for this year. The Astronomy Unit at Queen Mary University of London has research groups focussing on Cosmology, Exoplanets and their formation and Space Plasma Physics — see https://www.qmul.ac.uk/spa/astro/about-the-au/ for more information.


The Astronomy Unit at QMUL has enjoyed considerable success in supporting senior research fellowship applications which are typically converted into permanent positions. We currently host 3 Royal Society URFs, a Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow and a Winton Fellow and two ERC Starting Grant holders. We are normally able to support 1-2 ERF applications per year, and we use a competitive internal application process to select candidates. Our internal application deadline this year is 11pm (UK time) on 26th June 2022; late applications are possible, but may not receive full consideration. If you are interested in applying for an ERF or URF with QMUL as your host institution, please follow the instructions below, or contact Dr Thomas Haworth (t.haworth@qmul.ac.uk) with informal queries.


Prospective candidates should submit a draft case for support, a CV (for the ERF, ideally using the STFC template, available here), and publication list to t.haworth@qmul.ac.uk by 11pm (UK time) on 26th June 2022.


The draft case for support should ideally follow the STFC guidelines (i.e. 4 pages maximum, Arial 11pt font), but does not have to be fully polished at this stage. The main things we are looking for are that you have a compelling, timely, and well-scoped research proposal, evidence of leadership ability, and a case for how your research connects to existing research themes at QMUL and in the UK more broadly; see the Assessment Criteria section of the STFC guidelines for more details."


More details can be found on our website: https://www.qmul.ac.uk/spa/astro/about-the-au/jobs-and-opportunities/