Annonce transmise par Nicole Vilmer (LESIA)


Dear SCOSTEP Colleagues,

As we do not see any drastic change in the pandemic situation,, we have decided to make STP-15 (21-25 February 2022) as a full online event. It was announced on the STP-15 portal at
We are hoping that the online event makes easier for participants to join the symposium. Please encourage your colleagues to join STP-15. This is a unique event for interdisciplinary topics connecting from the sun to the earth. A workshop for students and young scientists (STEPSYS) will be held one-day prior to the symposium. Deadline of abstract submission is September 15, 2021.
With best regards,
Kazuo Shiokawa, SCOSTEP President
List of confirmed keynote/invited speakers (titles omitted): keynote: Drew Turner, Thomas Immel, Robert Cameron, Dipankar Banerjee invited: Natalie Krivova, Alexi Glover, Jim Spann, Manolis Georgoulis, Teresa Nieves-Chinchilla, Camilla Scolini, Eleanna Asvestari, Huixin Lin, Claudia Stolle, Dibyendu Chakrabarty, Lynn Harvey, Villie Maliniemi, Annika Drews, Dibyendu Nandi, Erik Richard, Kanya Kusano, Ioannis Daglis, Shing F. Fung, Theodoros Sarris, Raffaele Marino, Ian McCrea, Durgesh Tripathi, Gurbax Lakhina, Yosuke Yamazaki, Ashwini Kumar Sinha, Seiki Asari, Amore Nel, Juergen Matzka

Session structures: Session 1. Overarching topics in Sun-Earth connection Session 2. PRESTO Pillar 1: Sun, Planetary Space, and Geospace
Session 3. PRESTO Pillar 2: Space Weather and Earth's Atmosphere
Session 4. PRESTO Pillar 3: Solar Activity and its Influence On Climate
Session 5. Space Weather Prediction and Implementation
Session 6. Modeling, Database and Data Analysis Tools for Solar-Terrestrial Physics Session 7. New ground- and space-based initiatives for Solar-Terrestrial Physics Session 8: Special session on "Geomagnetism- The connecting link between Sun and Earth" Workshop on Solar-Terrestrial Physics for Students and Young Scientists (STEPSYS)