Organisation of the European Space Weather Community - Follow up

Annonce transmise par Jean Lilensten (IPAG)


In the recent months, the European Space Weather and Space Climate Community (ESWC) started to work out a uniting organisation to help the community to sustain and develop the successful efforts made thus far (

A first vote was held from June 28 to 30 in order to decide what structure should be implemented.

289 electors registered to the electoral census.

Amongst the voters, 92% answered « yes » to the question « Should the European Space Weather and Space Climate Community establish an organisation to coordinate and represent it?"

The second question was to choose the structure.

54% voted for an independent International Non-Profit Association, 26% to join the European Physical Society as a Division and 20% had no preference.

Based on the outcome of the vote, the Interim Board will work to establish a new International Non-Profit Association.

A public discussion will be open in September to the International community (not restricted to Europe) to get advices and comments in real time through a Slack forum. This discussion will include a call for propositions on how to name the structure. In parallel, the statutes will be prepared and the legal aspects will be set. The electoral census will be reopened, in order to let new voters join.

The plan is to create practically this new structure in the days following the ESWW 2021. An exciting time to come!

For any question, please contact