First announcement of the Mercury 2022 conference in Orléans (France) in June 7-10, 2022

Annonce transmise par D. Delcourt (LPC2E)


We are very glad to announce the forthcoming conference « Mercury 2022 : Current and future science of the innermost planet » that will focuson all scientific aspects of planet Mercury, including both the current state of knowledge and the prospects for future endeavors. The conference welcomes and encourages participation from the diverse groups of the world-wide Mercury science community, covering topics such as Mercury's:


1. deep interior geophysics and planetary evolution,

2. surface geology and composition,

3. exosphere and magnetosphere dynamics,

4. fundamental physics with Bepi-Colombo.

In addition, the latest plans and developments from Bepi-Colombo's unprecedented two-spacecraft exploration of Mercury will be shared and discussed.


The number of participants being limited to 120, early registration and abstract submission are warmly suggested.

Detailed information about this meeting can be found at

Registration deadline : 28 February 2022

Abstract submission deadline : 15 april 2022

Conference: 7 to 10 June 2022