COLAGE 2024 Total Solar Eclipse First Announcement / April 2024 Mexico

Annonce transmise par Maria Graciela Molina (CONICET)


First Announcement

XIV COLAGE – Conferencia Latinoamericana de Geofísica Espacial

Total Solar Eclipse

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
8-13 April 2024

The Asociación Latinoamericana de Geofísica Espacial (ALAGE) is an autonomous scientific society that attempts to motivate the development of research in Space Geophysics, taking advantage of the human resources and the cultural unity, as well as the similar economic conditions of Latin America. ALAGE seeks to complement the activities of the existing regional geophysical organizations.

One of the main activities of ALAGE is the periodic organization of scientific meetings that are attended by most of the scientists and postgraduate students working worldwide in the ALAGE areas of interest: the middle and high atmosphere, the ionosphere, the magnetosphere, the interplanetary medium, the cosmic rays, the planets, satellites, minor planets and small bodies, the Sun and the Solar-terrestrial environment. These meetings are called Conferencia Latinoamericana de Geofísica Espacial (COLAGE).

Previous COLAGE workshops have been held in diverse locations: Brazil (1988), Mexico (1991), Cuba, (1993), Argentina (1996), Costa Rica, (1998) Chile (2001), Brazil (2004), Mexico (2007), Costa Rica (2011), Peru (2014), Argentina (2018), Chile (2021, online), and Brazil (2022).

The XIV COLAGE will be held at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL), Monterrey, Mexico, from 8-13 April 2024, to celebrate the total solar eclipse on 8th April 2024.

The focus of the upcoming COLAGE in Monterrey will include the following scientific fields:
• Space Weather
• Ionospheric Research
• Neutral Atmosphere Dynamics
• Solar Physics
• Earth's Magnetic Field, including Ground Magnetism
• Interplanetary Magnetic Field, including Magnetospheric Physics
• Non-Linear Processes
• Cosmic Rays

COLAGE International Space Science School (ISSS) :

Historically, ALAGE also promotes schools associated with COLAGEs. The International Space Science School (ISSS) will take place from April 5 to 7, 2024, at the same venue as the XIV COLAGE. The school aims to promote knowledge and training for undergraduate, master's, and doctoral candidates, from all over the world, in the area of Space Sciences, covering topics such as the Sun and Solar Activity, Interplanetary Medium and the Solar Wind, Magnetosphere, Ionosphere, High Atmosphere, Planetary Sciences, and Space Weather.

For further details on the XIV COLAGE, please access the following: