Special issue autour de l'interaction Soleil-Magnétosphère-Ionosphère en rapport avec la mission SMILE

Annonce transmise par Dimitra Koutroumpa (LATMOS)



A SMILE MWG special issue to the journal Earth and Planetary Physics (EPP) has been approved. Please note that:


(1) Submission deadline is: December 31st 2022.


(2) At the end of the file "Calling for papers", here is the link for submission (and also the journal main page). Please register and log in before your submission.


(3) During the submission process, please select "Special Issue of SMILE Mission" at the first step: "Type, Title, & Abstract". This process is shown in the figure "submission.jpg" attached to this email.


(4) For this special issue, the authors can apply for waivers of publication fees with EPP. Emails of editorial office are included in the file "Calling for papers".


(5) LaTex and Word templates, as well as introduction of the journal, are included in "Templates and introduction.rar" attached to this email. EPP collaborated with AGU, and accept the LaTex template for AGU publications. I attached the latest LaTex template for AGU publications, please select "JGR-Space Physics" for journal name while preparing the paper with the AGU template.


(6) Please feel free to distribute "Calling for papers". We hope more and more people are interested in and contribute to the SMILE Mission. Active participations are highly welcome.


If you have any questions, please send email to us (trsun@swl.ac.cn, hyunju.k.connor@nasa.gov and andre.samsonov@gmail.com) or contact with the journal.

We look forward to your participation. Hope we have a fruitful special issue!