Multiple sessions at the 44th COSPAR Assembly (Abstract submission deadline Feb 11, 2022)

Annonce transmise par plein de collègues y-compris des organisateurs de sessions !


Dear colleagues,


The 44th COSPAR Assembly will be held in Athens, Greece during 16 Jul - 24 Jul 2022. The deadline for abstract submission is Feb 11. Hopefully you will find some of the following Sun & Heliosphere events to be of interest. Please mark your calendar and submit your abstracts before the deadline.


Events of Scientific Commission D


• Magneto-plasma Structures, Streams and Flows in the Heliosphere
• Understanding and Predicting Solar Energetic Particle Events across the Heliosphere
• Revealing the Heliosphere and Interstellar Medium with IBEX and IMAP
• Theory and Applications of Kappa Distributions in Space Science
• Acceleration and Transport of Energetic Particles in the Heliosphere and Beyond
• Large-Scale Heliospheric Structure: Theory, Modelling, and Data
• Exploring the Cradle of the Solar Wind with PSP/SolO/Proba-3: What Do We Really Know about the Inner Solar Corona?
• Connecting Solar and Stellar Coronal Mass Ejections: Lessons Learned, Challenges and Perspectives
• Parker Solar Probe: Ushering a New Frontier in Space Exploration
• Magnetic Reconnection in the Turbulent Plasmas from the Sun through the Heliosphere to Galaxies
• Probing the Sources of Solar Wind and Energetic Particles and Tracking their Journey into the Heliosphere
• Space Climate: From Past to Present and into the Future


Events of Scientific Commission E


• Solar and Stellar Magnetic Flux Ropes
• Catalyzing Progress in our Understanding of the Physics of Solar & Stellar Eruptions via Data Driven Simulations
• Seismology of the Sun, Stars and their Atmosphere
• The Dynamic Sun at Small Scales
• Abundance Variations and Fundamental Questions in Solar qnd Stellar Physics


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Peng-Fei Chen
(IAU Representative at COSPAR)