Two turbulence sessions at EGU 2022

Annonce transmise par Olga Alexandrova (LESIA)

Dear all and Happy New Year 2022 !

We hope that this year we will have more opportunities to meet in person.
The EGU 2022 deadline the 12/01/2022, 13:00 CET is approaching.
Please consider two following sessions :


ST1.9 (co-organized with NP3) "Turbulence in space plasmas: from injection to dissipation”

Convener: Olga Alexandrova | Co-conveners: Petr Hellinger, Luca Sorriso-Valvo, Julia Stawarz, Daniel Verscharen

Abstract: Space and astrophysical plasmas are typically in a turbulent state, exhibiting strong fluctuations of various quantities over a broad range of scales. These fluctuations are non-linearly coupled and this coupling may lead to a transfer of energy (and other quantities such as cross helicity, magnetic helicity) from large to small scales and to dissipation. Turbulent processes are relevant for the heating of the solar wind and the corona, acceleration of energetic particles. Many aspects of the turbulence are not well understood, in particular, the injection and onset of the cascade, the cascade itself, the dissipation mechanisms, as well as the role of specific phenomena such as the magnetic reconnections, shock waves, expansion, and plasma instabilities and their relationship with the turbulent cascade and dissipation.
This session will address these questions through discussion of observational, theoretical, numerical, and laboratory work to understand these processes. This session is relevant to many currently operating missions (e.g., Wind, Cluster, MMS, STEREO, THEMIS, Van Allen Probes, DSCOVR) and in particular for the Solar Orbiter and the Parker Solar Probe.

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ST1.12 The links between magnetic reconnection, turbulence, and energy dissipation in the heliosphere.

Convener: Jeffersson Andres Agudelo Rueda | Co-conveners: Julia Stawarz, Tak Chu Li, Luca Franci, Robert Wicks

Abstract: Turbulence and magnetic reconnection are multiscale processes that convert energy from outer to inner scales. In the last decades, the improvement of observational and computational capabilities has suggested close links between turbulence and reconnection in Heliospheric and magnetospheric plasmas. Thanks to high-cadence and multi-spacecraft measurements, as well as large-scale computations, it has become possible to study the interplay between these fundamental processes across a broad range of scales, including electron-scales. This session welcomes contributions from observational, numerical and theoretical work, including new techniques and methods for characterising the links between reconnection and turbulence. Topics of interest include reconnection that occurs in turbulent systems, turbulence generated by reconnection events, the role of reconnection in the development of kinetic turbulence, and the influence of turbulence and reconnection on energy dissipation.

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