Planetary Auroras topical issue in Frontiers

Annonce transmise par Laurent Lamy (LAM & Obs Paris)


Dear colleagues,


Marissa Vogt, Zhonghua Yao and myself will be editing a special issue (named "Research Topic" in their jargon) dedicated to Planetary Auroras in the peer-reviewed and open access journal Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences. You can check out the details here:


In addition to original research papers, we also welcome reviews and perspectives addressing Planetary Auroras (in the broad sense).




- Abstracts: December 23rd 2021 (neither binding nor mandatory, but it helps us estimate the final number of submissions and plan how to handle them)


==> Submissions: April 15th 2022


Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any question.
We look forward to working together on this exciting project.