Migration of COSPAR PRBEM website and IRBEM software library to github

Annonce transmise par Antoine Brunet (ONERA)


The COSPAR Panel for Radiation Belt Environment Modeling (PRBEM) is pleased to announce a new website (https://prbem.github.io/) and the migration of the IRBEM library from sourceforge to github (https://github.com/PRBEM/IRBEM). We have decided to migrate IRBEM to github to facilitate community involvement in the development of the library. We encourage all interested members of the community to join the github group and contribute to the development of the IRBEM software.


The IRBEM library is a suite of Fortran codes that can be used to compute magnetic coordinates and charged particle drift shells for various internal and external magnetic field models. Additional routines are provided for coordinate system and time format transformations. The library can be called from Fortran or C, and Python, MATLAB, and IDL wrappers are provided in the distribution package. The IRBEM library is free and open-source software distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.


The IRBEM-extras project (https://github.com/PRBEM/IRBEM-extras) will continue to contain the developer-contributed packages that were previously hosted on sourceforge alongside the library. The PRBEM standards documents (e.g., particle flux variable and CDF file format guidelines, particle instrument response function guidelines) that were previously hosted within the IRBEM package are now being hosted and maintained as standalone documents at the PRBEM website (https://prbem.github.io/docs/).




Yoshi Miyoshi (Japan), PRBEM Chair
Antoine Brunet (France), PRBEM Vice-Chair
Seth Claudepierre (USA), PRBEM Vice-Chair
Vladimir Mikhailov (Russia), PRBEM Vice-Chair