Operation mode

PNST (Programme National Soleil-Terre) is operating since 1998. It results from merging of GdRs "Plasmae" and "Solar and Stellar Magnetodynamics" (about 240 researchers in 2014). PNST is dedicated to analysis of the Sun-Earth system, from generation of the solar magnetic field, flares and coronal mass ejections, until solar wind dynamics and impact on the terrestrial magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere. Since 2002, PNST has a scientific council with 18 members representing the different PNST scientific themes. PNST also has a scientific council President (elected by the scientific council) and a director (designated by INSU-CNRS) who represent PNST in various institutions and instances. Permanent invited members of PNST scientific council are INSU representatives (chargé de mission, administration) as well as representatives of CNES "Soleil, Héliosphère, Magnétosphère" working group (see updated list of scientific council members on this web site). During meetings of PNST scientific council, and depending upon topics that are being examined, researchers from the PNST community may be invited. These scientific council meetings are organized twice or three times a year. One of these meetings is dedicated to examination of responses to PNST research proposal AO that is organized every year (budget of the order of 160 kEuros), in a like manner to other national programs.