ESWW 2024 - Plenary Session : Lunar Space Weather and its impact on the lunar surface, lunar environment and present and future exploration missions

Annonce transmise par Iannis Dandouras (IRAP)


We are pleased to announce the European Space Weather Week (ESWW) 2024 plenary session:
"Lunar Space Weather and its impact on the lunar surface, lunar environment and present and future exploration missions".


Session description:


The Moon's regolith is subject to a large range of interactions with space radiation (EUV, solar energetic particles, galactic cosmic rays), solar wind and terrestrial magnetospheric plasmas, as well as micrometeoroids, impacting both its bulk properties and the tenuous lunar atmosphere (exosphere). While more institutional and private missions and operators are targeting to land and explore the lunar surface, the large temporal and spatial variability of Space Weather driven environmental conditions result in complex surface conditions in terms or radiation, plasma, surface charging, charged dust and impact ejecta to which future exploration assets will be exposed. Therefore, a better understanding of the response of the lunar surface environment to changing Space Weather conditions becomes critical to the success and lifetime of future missions. This session aims at gathering and discussing current advances in modelling of environmental (radiation, plasma and micrometeoroids) impacts on the lunar surface properties and responses in regions of interest (e.g polar), as well as results from data analysis from past and current lunar missions, in order to better inform current and future lunar exploration mission design, especially regarding the characterization of the lunar surface and near-surface environment.


Venue: this year ESWW will take place in Coimbra, Portugal, 4 – 8 November 2024. The conference will be held in hybrid format.


Abstract submission: is open, and closes on 6th June 2024


Late abstract submission (posters only): 7th June 2024 - September 2024


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The session conveners: Fabrice Cipriani, Iannis Dandouras, Hanna Rothkaehl, Audrey Vorburger