EGU Splinter meeting (SPM99): European Heliophysics Community: building a community for Solar, Solar System, planetary, ionospheric plasma in Europe

Annonce transmise par Lina Hadid (LPP)


Convener: Lina Hadid | Co-convener: Rumi Nakamura
Mon, 15 Apr, 19:00–20:00 (CEST) Room 2.96
Following the last years sprinter at EGU23, "Heliophysics in Europe" workshop at ESTEC last autumn, and PS3.1 session, we continue discussion how to build a common community covering the Solar Terrestrial and Solar Planetary plasma physics (corresponding to EGU ST division and PS division, respectively). We summarize what has been proceeded and what to be done toward and during the next "Heliophysics in Europe" workshop at ESTEC in November.

The motivation of this activity following: Solar Terrestrial and Solar Planetary plasma physics have common fundamental physics with the same scientists working on both subjects, and hence called as Heliophysics in NASA/ESA terminology. However, no solid community nor even email list does exist to cover this Heliophysic field in Europe, making communication between European heliophysics scientists even between nearby sub-field This is large disadvantage in forming teams aimed for missions (e.g. ESA) and large projects (e.g., EU funding).