Post-Doctoral Scientist on the Electrical sensors of DraGMet/Dragonfly (Titan) at LATMOS

Annonce transmise par Alice Le Gall (LATMOS)


Titan, Saturn's biggest moon, is an ocean world, covered by organic materials and therefore one of the most promising astrobiological target in the Solar System, likely holding clues on the origin of life on Earth. That is why NASA has selected the Dragonfly mission to send in 2027 a rotorcraft lander to Titan in order to investigate its prebiotic chemistry and habitability. The present post-doctoral proposal aims at optimizing the design and therefore scientific return of the DIEL (measurement of the ground complex permittivity) and EFIELD (measurement of the time-varying electrical field) experiments onboard the DraGMet (Dragonfly Geophysical and Meteorological) package. These experiments have multiple and complementary objectives all related to a better characterization of Titan's environment (ground composition, moisture, porosity; presence of suspended charged particles etc.) and habitability (existence and depth of a buried ocean).


The successful applicant will contribute to studies currently planned at LATMOS (either in the Paris or Guyancourt site) to prepare the future data analysis and the scientific return of the project and to the modeling and test of the experiment prototypes.


Solid background in electrostatic and electromagnetic theory is required as well as experience in numerical modeling. Knowledge of COMSOL Multiphysics© and background in electronics will be appreciated.


More details, the requirements for the position and the application procedure can be found in the following link:


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