Meeting: Turbulent dissipation in space plasmas

Annonce transmise par Lina Hadid (LPP)


Royal Society - Theo Murphy meeting organised by Julia Stawarz, Christopher Chen, and Daniel Verscharen


Location: Eastwood Hall, Nottingham, NG16 3SS, United Kingdom
Dates: 30 and 31 May 2022
Abstract and registration deadline: 03 May 2022


This meeting will bring together experts on plasma turbulence in the solar wind and Earth's magnetosphere to discuss the latest cutting-edge results on the role of collisionless plasma processes in turbulent energy dissipation from the revolutionary MMS and PSP spacecraft. These discussions will provide crucial input for the ongoing science operations of these and future space missions.


The schedule of talks and speaker biographies are available on the website:


Please request an invitation on this website to register. The registration to this meeting is free of charge.


There will be a poster session on Monday 30 May. If you would like to apply to present a poster, please submit your proposed title and abstract to the Scientific Programmes team of the Royal Society no later than 03 May 2022 (for details, please see the website). Please note that places are limited. Poster abstracts will only be considered if the presenter has requested an invitation to attend the meeting.