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3D simulations of solar like stars winds constrained by spectropolarimetric maps


Réville Victor


CEA AIM Paris-Saclay


Auteur(s) supplémentaire(s)Folsom C.P., Strugarek A., Brun A.S.
Institution(s) supplémentaire(s)IPAG, Université de Montréal


Created at the base of the convective envelope by a nonlinear dynamo process, the large scale magnetic field of a star evolves with its rotational history. Beyond the photosphere, magnetic processes heat the corona above one million Kelvin hence driving a magnetized wind responsible for the braking of main sequence stars. With the development of Zeeman-Doppler imaging through spectropolarimetry, we are now able to precisely describe the surface magnetic field of a large sample of stars. Thus the study of the coronal structure and magnetic field with age, magnetochoronology, has developed to extend and complete gyrochronology. We propose a study of the corona and the wind of a sample of solar like stars of different age to follow the evolution of its properties from 20 Myr to 4.5 Gyr. We use 3D MHD simulations constrained by spectropolarimetric maps of the surface magnetic field obtained by the BCool consortium and observations of the Sun. To perform those simulations we develop a coherent framework to assess various stellar parameters such as the equilibrium coronal temperature driving the wind. Those assumptions have consequences on UV emission, wind terminal speed and mass loss during the history of the solar system.

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