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Planetary SpaceWeather Services for the Europlanet 2020 Research Infrastructure


andre nicolas




Auteur(s) supplémentaire(s)V. Génot, A. Rouillard, B. Cecconi, P.-L. Blelly, F. Pitout, J. Lilensten, M. Barthélémy, et l'équipe PSWS
Institution(s) supplémentaire(s)on behalf of the PSWS participating institutes


Under Horizon 2020, the Europlanet 2020 Research Infrastructure (EPN2020-RI) will include an entirely new Virtual
Access Service, WP5 VA1 “Planetary SpaceWeather Services” (PSWS) that will extend the concepts of space
weather and space situational awareness to other planets in our Solar System and in particular to spacecraft that
voyage through it. VA1 will make five entirely new ‘toolkits’ accessible to the research community and to industrial
partners planning for space missions: a general planetary space weather toolkit, as well as three toolkits dedicated
to the following key planetary environments: Mars (in support ExoMars), comets (building on the expected success
of the ESA Rosetta mission), and outer planets (in preparation for the ESA JUICE mission to be launched in
2022). This will give the European planetary science community new methods, interfaces, functionalities and/or
plugins dedicated to planetary space weather in the tools and models available within the partner institutes. It will
also create a novel event-diary toolkit aiming at predicting and detecting planetary events like meteor showers and
impacts. A variety of tools (in the form of web applications, standalone software, or numerical models in various
degrees of implementation) are available for tracing propagation of planetary and/or solar events through the Solar
System and modelling the response of the planetary environment (surfaces, atmospheres, ionospheres, and magnetospheres)
to those events. But these tools were not originally designed for planetary event prediction and space
weather applications. So WP10 JRA4 “Planetary Space Weather Services” (PSWS) will provide the additional
research and tailoring required to apply them for these purposes. The overall objectives of this Joint Research Aactivities
will be to review, test, improve and adapt methods and tools available within the partner institutes in order
to make prototype planetary event and space weather services operational in Europe at the end of the programme.

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