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Connecting the surface of the Sun to the Heliosphere


Pinto Rui




Auteur(s) supplémentaire(s)A. Rouillard, V. Génot, T. Amari
Institution(s) supplémentaire(s)LPP, École Polytechnique


We present an ongoing effort to determine automatically the magnetic connectivity between the solar surface and any point in the interplanetary space at any time. The goal is to produce robust predictions of the paths and propagation delays of any type of disturbance (slow/fast solar wind, waves, energetic particles, ballistic propagation). This is a key point for the exploitation of data from Solar Orbiter and Solar Probe Plus, and for establishing connections between remote and in-situ data.
The web interface for the tool is accessible at
The background coronal magnetic field is, currently, determined via existing surface magnetograms and PFSS extrapolations, but the tool is ready to include different combinations of coronal field reconstruction methods (NLFFF, Solar Models), wind models (WSA, MVP), heliospheric models (Parker, ENLIL, EUFHORIA) and constraints from data assimilation techniques (ADAPT) as these become available. The tool will then compare the predictions made using several models in order to assess the uncertainties. 

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